More About Us

Spectrum Window Technologies wears two hats.

First we believe in being environmentally responsible. By offering restoration services we keep glass that's still functioning out of the landfill. We also offer a great residential and commercial product that allows for a smaller energy footprint every day. In this case, a lower energy footprint also saves you money.  


We’re always striving to meet and exceed expectations. Our second hat is great service delivery. This isn't the first time we've been in the service industry; we’ve learned that great service begins and ends with experienced and friendly professionals. We believe that our team is the best in the business and getting better. We have complete and total confidence in every person providing our high quality services.


Thankfully we wear them both at the same time.

Special Features

This is essentially a before and after love story. Whether its a commercial application or a residential application the result is the same.

Empty Room

We love our big windows!  They allows us to bring mother nature right into our homes. They create a natural brightness and a feeling of openness you can't get with wall treatments or pictures. At 8 Microns thick, our nano coatings are thinner than a human hair and the visible light transmission is equivalent to a low-e coated piece of residential glass. But what does that all mean? That means that you can save up to 30% off your energy bills, and have a more comfortable home or office without sacrificing that amazing view!

Modern Bathroom

How do we know it works? Although this product has only recently arrived in the Okanagan, it is far from new. In the 1980's the trend of larger windows was storming the planet. This had massive effects on power grids and energy consumption as suppliers had to work overtime to deliver the necessary infrastructure to keep up with demand. We were very fortunate here in North America but in places of already dense populations there were no options. In 1995 Sketch Co Ltd Japan began its research and development journey. They discovered a product, a nano-coating, that had incredible thermal properties. Its abilities to block UVA, UVB and Infrared were as unequaled then as it still is today. Remarkably, the product - including professional installation -  is still more affordable than replacing a sheet of glass. Finally, Canada has been added to the list of over 31 countries benefiting from this amazing technology.