“I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your coating.  When I first heard about the product, I thought it was too good to be true. How could you apply a liquid to the windows that would block the heat and UV rays? I was quite skeptical, but it was our last option. We had your team install the product and I was absolutely shocked at the difference it made. Now the offices are cool, and there is no heat coming through the windows. The employees in that office are quite happy with the results. I am also pleased with your customer service, as there were a few challenges in trying to get the product installed, and some corrections needed after the fact. You and your team were quick to come up with solutions and get the issues addressed. Thank you very much.”

John Carpenter, Municipal Policing Services Superintendent, RCMP – Red Deer, Alberta


According to TST Energy for Change's Olivier Quevillon, ing., MSc.A report on the energy consumption of Pathway Hyundai for three comparative months, April through to July, an overall savings of $533.00 per month was realized. This snap shot in time is small and is not representative of the larger swings in temperature found through out the year. To review the report please contact us.


In the 30 days since having the SketchNanoGard coating applied to our condo’s windows, we have noticed a substantial decrease in room temperature. Our master bedroom, located on a top floor, used to heat up like a solarium, even with the air conditioning at full blast, and now the temperature rests at least 4-5 degrees celsius lower than it did prior to the application.‎ It is much easier to keep the temperature at a steady, comfortable setting. The product is almost invisible to the eye; if we don’t tell people it was applied, no one would be the wiser

Jennifer M. – Calgary