Spectrum Window Technologies and our Window Glass Restoration

Your satisfaction Is our priority, we guarantee it. If you are not satisfied with the restoration attempt we will credit the cost of the restoration toward glass replacement.


Professional Services

Friendly service backed by an excellent warranty.



Over time, your windows absorb moisture and can become foggy or show condensation in between the panes of glass. Sometimes water droplets form and other times it looks foggy, like your mirror after a hot shower. Our Defog procedure restores clarity and R-Value to your window and Nano-Technologies stop it from coming back.

Window Pane, Insulated Glass Unit or Thermal Glass Unit: whatever you call it, we can replace it.

Expert service, great value. In most cases there is no need to replace your entire window casement. Just swap out the glass, simple and quick. So quick, in fact, we can do it in the winter.

Insulated Glass Unit Restoration

Spectrum Window Technologies specialists have been fully trained and utilize the newest Nano technologies found in the U.K.  Excellent value and the results are clear: changing your point of view.