Frequently Asked Questions

Question     What is a nanocoating and is it safe inside of my house?

Answer   Technically, a nanocoating is a coating that's measured on the nanoscale.  A nonometer is 0.0000000394 of an inch and ours rolls on 8 nm thick! SKETCHNANOGARD Is odor free and entirely safe once it has dried. It will emit an odor that is similar to oil-based paint or nail polish during the application process. Our  team will wear commercial air filters during the application process because of our prolonged exposures. This smell will dissipate almost completely within 4 hours.  If you are overly sensitive or just concerned, we can arrange for air scrubbers or vent fans during the application. 

Question     How does it compare to tint films?

Answer   It doesn't. One of the things you have to know about films is that they have life expectancy of approximately 8 years. After all that time accumulating thermal loads and being exposed to sunlight, the film will normally start to discolor, peel, dry, crack, and form bubbles. Overall, it will lose its initial effectiveness. SketchNanoGard has been durability tested out to 20 years. It didn't fail at 20 years that's just when the test concluded. We don't know how long it will last. Reflective films will work and do a great job of reflecting light, that's the problem though, the more efficient they are the darker the room gets.  As soon as SketchNanoGard is applied, the coating blocks 100% of UV rays and 85% of infrared.  It optimizes your windows without reducing natural light penetration in your rooms, allowing you to now benefit from highly efficient windows on a daily basis. In terms of eco-efficiency,  SketchNanoGard Thermal coating is the most technologically advanced and most efficient option out there.

Question     Truthfully, how expensive is it?

Answer   Wow, you know how to ask the tough questions. We understand that pricing is always top of mind. We would love to give pricing in an easy to read format but pricing is controlled by our supplier. I can tell you that we price based on a per sq ft model and the more square feet of windows you have the lower the costs get. Why is that?  This is a premium product with a premium installation procedure and the fixed costs per square foot drop with every sq ft covered.  Would it help you to know that you could roll our product on a single sheet of glass and it would be as efficient as an insulated double glass unit, coated with low E and filled with Argon gas? As efficient and less expensive. If we rolled the existing insulated glass units inside your home there would be nothing readily available on the market to compare them to and it would be less expenses than up-grading the glass to a new yet inferior product. Think about the immediate change in comfort, the smaller eco-footprint and big cost savings from the diminished use of your heating and air conditioning units.  Ryerson University rates the return on investment from energy savings in BC at 3-4 years depending on how many windows. Paid for in savings alone after 3 or 4 years.