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the most advanced thermal window coating available.

What is our Thermal Barrier? It's a nano particulate coating that stops or slows the transfer of heat or cold through your glass. Ours is spectacular. Developed over 20 years ago by Sketch NanoTechnologies in Japan, it is now available in Canada. Follow the link to learn about Sketch NanoTechnologies,  or scroll down to learn more! 

A Premium Thermal Barrier.

It's all about your comfort, reducing your energy footprint and saving you money.

SKETCHNANOGARD is a thermal insulating liquid coating. It is applied on the indoor surface of windows and acts as a long-lasting barrier against the sun’s heat and harmful UV rays. The coating is only nano meters thick which makes it remarkably transparent. This allows for a high level of natural light indoors and uncompromising views.  SKETCHNANOGARD coating blocks up to 99.9% of ultra-violet (UV) and shields up to 85% of Infra-Red (IR) light from penetrating through the window, while still allowing for up to 75% visible light transmission.

What We Provide

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Commercial Window Applications

Your employees spend 8 or more hours a day in their office: do they need to keep a heater going under their desk? A fan running in the corner? Not anymore. Is yours a commercial retail space? No more fading of product left in the windows; in restaurants, no more uncomfortable seats near the windows. Most commercial or retail spots have massive, beautiful floor to ceiling windows; we can cut your utilities bills way back. 

Residential Window Applications

71% of the heat absorbed into your house in the summer is from your windows. Our SketchNano product blocks 99.9% of UVA, UVB and 85% of Infrared. With a minimum 5 degree drop in internal temperatures your air conditioner stops working so hard, lowering power consumption and potential maintenance issues. Same applies to your furnace. SketchNanoGard limits the great heat escape normally associated with windows. More comfort, less condensation.

With our SketchNanoGuard thermal coating, you will decrease your home's absorption of heat in the summer as well as its loss of heat in the winter. The lessened use of your HVAC units will save on your energy bills throughout the year. In fact, a 2-4 year repayment of your investment is the average across Canada. After the ROI, it's just money in the bank -  your bank.

All Season Protection

Unlike tinted film, SketchNanoGuard Thermal coating has almost no impact on visible light. We have a few different products available, so please ask us for details.

Quick Applications

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