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A proud Okanagan company, providing proven, eco-energetic solutions for your personal at home comfort. 

Enjoy clear comfort with SketchNanoGard! Unique to the Canadian market, SketchNanoGard helps maintain indoor temperatures at comfortable levels by reducing heat gain through your windows on sunny days, and heat loss in the wintertime.  Essentially adding insulation to your windows, eco friendly utility savings to your wallet and comfort! A proud, recognized partner of Ecohome.

 Restore your old foggy windows with our proven system and patented products. Replace old or damaged glass with our experienced installation professionals. Spectrum has you covered!


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Throughout our Website you will learn the amazing features of our signature product; SketchNanoGard. This Nano coating is a professionally applied liquid thermal barrier that dries hard and is bonded to your Glass. Unlike tint or film that can dry out and delaminate our coating is tested for 20 year durability and is semi-permanent, until purposefully removed!